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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter from the Lamley Group...

May you have a super holiday, and don't forget, as you dye those eggs, throw a car in there...

Our good friend Ricky Silverio knows how to celebrate...

Friday, April 18, 2014

Cool is Cool is Cool: 2009 Matchbox Superfast Mazda 2...

We thought we would continue our Cool is Cool is Cool series with something a little different.  So far, those models selected for Cool is Cool is Cool have been classics that were just a tad off the mainstream.  Think Studebaker pickups, Greenwood Corvettes, and Auto World land yachts.

But today we are going a little more current.

There is that occasional casting in your collection that you have always appreciated, but never got you as excited as other models did.  You like that it was made, but can't put too much passion behind it.

Except for that one version when it all comes together.  Wheels, color, tampos, etc.  You just need that one model, and thereafter can ignore all the other versions.

For me, the 2009 Matchbox Superfast Mazda 2 is that model.

We were thrilled to see another Mazda from Matchbox back in 2008, and the 2 was a great choice.  It seemed to be a nod to those in other countries, where the 2/Demio was far more popular than in the US.  They gave it a right-hand-drive as well, just to further show who this model was for.

And as you can imagine, in the US that cool little compact hung on the pegs.  And hung, and hung, and hung.  It wasn't surprising, but it was disappointing to see that happen, and soon enough the Mazda 2 was taken from the mainline.  We haven't seen it there in some time.

But that is fine, because in 2009 Matchbox released a version in the Superfast line that was all we needed.  A sporty version of the 2 in yellow over 5-spoke wheels, with front, side, rear, and top detailing.  Why collect any others?

We won't go through all the details as to why this model is so cool.  We will just let you look at the pictures.  We think you will agree...

(Find the Matchbox Mazda 2 on ebay...)

Matchbox Mazda 2 (2009 Superfast):

Lamley News: The first glimpse of Hot Wheels K case models, found in Australia...

We just got an interesting message from Lamley reader Chris Adams from Australia, asking if the 8 models he just found were part of the current J cases.

They aren't, but even better we now have our first preview of some of the models coming in the upcoming Hot Wheels K case:

These were found at Coles Supermarket in Victoria, so those of near one may want to head over.  Sometimes the short card assortments are slightly different than long card assortments, so that is probably the case here.

We are obviously most interested in the Hakosuka Skyline, but there are some other notable curiosities, namely the Let's Go, which sounds very similar to another popular toy brand.  The card back confirms:

That makes two Lego-themed models, which must mean Mattel likes that idea.

There might be more out there, so our friends in Oz, let us know what you find...

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Lamley Links for Thursday, April 17...

Some things that interested us, and we thought would interest you:

Those of you who into the Hot Wheels '83 Silverado (we are) or Custom Convoy (we are not), you might be very interested in these listings:

Hot Wheels Silverado & Custom Convoy

Some great photos of the latest Kyosho Ferraris from Curitiba Customs over at T-Hunted:

Some new Tomica Limited Vintage, including a brand new Isuzu that looks fantastic:

Isuzu 117 Coupe

Datsun 510 Bluebird Sohgo Security

Datsun 510 Bluebird Nissan Service

For those looking for the 1:64 Bugatti Veyron by AutoArt, this seller out of South Korea has a few, with free shipping:

AutoArt Bugatti Veyron 1:64

Model of the Day: 2010 Hot Wheels Walmart Exclusive Bugatti Veyron...

Why this car today?  It's simple, because we just took pictures of it, just for the hell of it.  So we decided to post them.

Before we get into the Walmart Bugatti (which we have featured before), let's get one thing out of the way.  This is not a great casting.  Hot Wheels has certainly done better.  We can give the team a break, considering this model debuted in 2003, and things are always improving.  We have to think that if Hot Wheels did another Veyron today, there would be some drastic improvements.  The Veyron, which might look like a blob to some, would actually require a great deal of detail to pass in 1:64, especially the $1 variety.  (AutoArt has already mastered the premium 1:64 Veyron.)

The quality of the casting could have been a reason that Hot Wheels retired the casting, we assume at Bugatti's request.  Frankly we don't know why it happened, but the word from Mattel is we won't see this casting produced again.  We don't mind, and we definitely won't argue a new version.

But as it is, this model had a short life, but posthumously has enjoyed quite the resurgence.  Yes, the Bugatti has already achieved auto-legend status, but that can't explain why the Hot Wheels version commands such high prices on ebay.  It is probably just more about hype.  Two bidders, both concerned that this casting has been retired, get in a bidding battle on one.  Others watch, figure it is a valuable model worth paying a lot for, and they do the same thing to another listing.  This continues through today and now it is hard to buy one on ebay for less than $30.

But that Walmart version, it is another story.  It is one of those "I shoulda" models, as seemingly 20 to 30 examples of this red version hung on the pegs at my local Walmart for months.  It was like that at many stores.

But then Hot Wheels announced the casting would be no longer, demand went up, and THEN everyone realized that the Walmart version in satin red was the best looking of all eight official versions.

Yes, the First Edition and Speed Machines versions share the same design queues as most Veyrons, but the Walmart version in satin red with no side deco and full front and rear detailing takes the cake. Hot Wheels had already released the satin blue version, but front-to-back hood and roof detailing.  But then someone there had a moment of clarity and realized that the best satin version would be just plain.  And they were so right.

This is a beautiful model.  The only Veyron on display in the Lamley offices.  We are glad we kept through the Bugatti frenzy...

Hot Wheels Bugatti Veyron (2010 Walmart Exclusive):

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Lamley links: ebay and other links of the day...

Some things that interested us, and we thought would interest you:

The rarest of the Hot Wheels R32 Skylines, and there are THREE on ebay right now:

Hot Wheels Snap-On Skyline

A great group of ebay listings from this seller, including a rare 5-pack R32 Skyline and an intact 10-pack with the flamed Dodge Charger:

Hot Wheels from bad3156

The folks at diecasttvchannel give us the first glimpse of the new Hot Wheels Mystery models Aston Martin DBS:

diecasttv channel episode 141

Racegrooves opens a J case:

Racegrooves J-case unboxing

The fantastic Toyota Corona I saw today:

Lamley on IG

The Mazda Miata/MX-5 is now officially a nostalgic:

Surprise!! Hot Wheels Retro Entertainment Batch C, including the BTTF Toyota and Koenigsegg Agera, is now out at Wheel Collectors...

It seems like we have been waiting a long time for this batch.  Ever since the Agera, '87 Toyota, and Custom Mustang were announced, interest in this batch has very high.  Well it is finally out here in the States, and Wheel Collectors has it.

We will reserve our comments for each model when we start First Looks a little later, but it is interesting that the Custom Mustang and Agera are being released well after Need For Speed came and went.  Or should we say after Need For Speed bombed and vanished.  Maybe it will be a popular Blu-Ray, but ouch, that was a dud.  Mattel might want to put all those blown dollars back into Fast & Furious.

Maybe the only good thing to come from the Need For Speed movie is that we now have two interesting new castings, that we are looking forward to checking out once we have them from Wheel Collectors.  Still though, the '87 Toyota is the model we are most excited about adding to the Lamley Collection.

In the meantime, you can get Hot Wheels 2014 Retro Entertainment Batch C at Wheel Collectors, well before it is out in stores.  And happily it is not a presale.  Just follow the link to see all the models:

Hot Wheels 2014 Retro Entertainment Batch C

What model are you most excited for?

Model of the Day: Hot Wheels multipack exclusive '69 Camaro...

I am sure each of you reading this has seen this model, most likely in person.  I am sure many of you actually own it.

I have been debating buying this model for some time, but couldn't justify the $10 cost to get one in a 9-pack.  So I figured the time would come when there would be a 9-pack with some vari or something that I really wanted, and hopefully the Camaro would be in there.  It finally happened, when I found an OH5 RX-7, so I finally have the Camaro to photograph.

This casting has never been a fave.  I won't disagree with anyone who makes the claim that the '69 Camaro is one of the great American cars ever, I just don't like this particular casting.  That is until this version came out.  Supers, convertibles, convertible Supers, Premiums, Toy Fair models be damned.  This model looks better than all of them.  Every single one.

So we decided to show it off.

Hot Wheels '69 Camaro (2014 multipack exclusive):