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Sunday, April 26, 2015

The Golden Age of Matchbox Series on Lamley starts this week. Which sports car should we feature first?

We are determined to create a little buzz about what Matchbox was, and what it can become again, so our series on the last Golden Age of Matchbox starts this week.  We have a ton of models lined up to be featured, but wanted to know which of these two we should feature first:

Porsche 911 GT3

Audi R8

Both debuted in 2007, both have received multiple colors and wheels, and both are fantastic castings. We plan on showing all versions.

So which should we show first?  Let us know in the comments section below...

First Look: 2015 Hot Wheels Falken Tires '12 Ford Custom Mustang...

If there ever was a model that matched so well with a specific livery, it would be this.

The '12 Ford Custom Mustang has always been a favorite since it originally debuted in that odd racing line you could find at Target, among other stores.  The design of the model, with its huge spoiler and hulking side panels, seems to work really well on the Mustang.  The deco of the previous versions?  Not terrible, but definitely with a little to be desired.

But that is all fixed with this Falken Racing livery.  The color combo is almost as recognizable as Moon Eyes, and like Moon Eyes it looks really good.  So we thought it deserved its own post.

And yeah, we are this close to collecting all the Falken Hot Wheels.  Should we collect them all and do a post?

Hot Wheels '12 Ford Custom Mustang (2015 Mainline):

Friday, April 24, 2015

First Look: Matchbox 2015 Supreme Heroes Batch A...

So what about Supreme Heroes?

I mean, just two days ago I was lamenting about the small numbers of actual licensed vehicles coming from Matchbox, yet here are four great models showing how well Matchbox can do.

Exactly.  As we have said before, to quote Ed Helms in The Hangover, "He's still got it..."

When Matchbox takes on a licensed model, more times than not they nail it.  It is just they are not making a lot of them.

That is why I was very excited for the release of the Supreme Heroes.  Here was Matchbox using real licensed vehicles, and putting real licensed liveries on them, and with rubber tires to boot!  Sure, the wheels might be a little too sporty for some of the models, and yeah, the bases are plastic, but to us that doesn't matter much.  They all look really good.  The problem is the line was cut down right before its scheduled release, and many of the police cars slated to be part were dropped.

So here are the first four, and as excited as we are about them, they still remind us how good Matchbox could really be if they did more.  Instead, it appears they are doing less.

But no matter, let's take Supreme Heroes for what it is.  The first Matchbox premium line in awhile.  These models are worth having, and we need to let Mattel know it.  So go get them and enjoy them.  We sure are.

You can find the Supreme Heroes at your local Kroger store or at Wheel Collectors as part of their Lamley Deal Sale....

Matchbox Supreme Heroes Batch A:

1963 Mack B Fire Engine:

Hazard Squad:

Pierce Dash Fire Engine:

Ford Explorer:

Thursday, April 23, 2015

A note from Ethan Carnesecca's family, and an update on the overwhelming generosity of the diecast collecting community...

It is actually hard to write about what has happened among our readers and the collecting community in general over the last few weeks without getting a little choked up.  I am personally in awe at the outreach and generosity of collectors all over the world.  

So instead of trying to write eloquently about all the happenings, we will let these updates speak for themselves:

Ethan Carnesecca:

We could have never predicted what has happened.  After my friend Chad told me about his son Ethan's dreadful health ordeal, and his attachment to his Hot Wheels at the hospital, it seemed like a great thing to write about.  The word got out, and soon a local TV station picked up the story about Ethan and the generous collectors sending him cars from all over the world.  After that, the story was picked up by ABC News, CNN, The Huffington Post, and People, among many other news outlets.

Well, here is a little update on what has happened since.  Ethan is home and thankfully recovering, and he has, let's say, a few more toy cars to play with.  Here is HALF of what was sent to the hospital for Ethan in the last few days:

HALF!!  Chad and Michele have to return to the hospital today to pick up the other half, after they had no more room in their car the first time around.  All last evening the family opened the packages and read the very touching notes from all over the US and the world.  And this is after several packages had already arrived, including a massive package from Mattel (and wait until you see what is happening next).  I think we are all left speechless at the outpouring of love for little Ethan.

We were asked to pass this note along from the Carneseccas:
Dear Hot Wheels Friends,

We are truly overwhelmed by the outpouring of love and cars Ethan has received.  Ethan squeals with excitement as he opens up each package.  He looks at every car and we read him every note.  Through this experience we have realized that although there are negative things in the world, there is still SO much more good than bad.  I am amazed that individuals read this story and took the time to bring joy into the heart of a little boy. We have invited friends and family over as we open the packages and read the notes so they can experience this goodness with us.  There is usually not a dry eye in the room as we read tender stories of Hot Wheels memories.  When I asked my 15 year old son what he has learned through this experience he said, “Service really does matter.”  Thank you for your examples of kindness and compassion.  We have been asked by many people exactly what illness Ethan had.  It started as Pneumonia, then Empyema (fluid surrounding the lungs), it progressed to a collapsed and necrosed lung and finally broncho pulmonary effusion.  Although Ethan is at home, he is still on the mend as his lung tries to heal.  These cars have brightened his spirit and brought the sparkle back into his eyes.  In one package we received, their family noticed that we even have the word “CAR” in our last name. :)  We simply can’t thank you enough for what you have done.  All we can do is pay it forward.

With all our love and gratitude,

The “CAR”nesecca Family

The Lamley Raffle:

Last month we conducted a raffle to help our friend Doug at T-Hunted raise funds for a new computer.  Doug uses a MacBook to run his popular blog, and unfortunately it was stolen out of his car at gunpoint while he was waiting at a stoplight.  MacBook's are incredibly expensive in Brazil, so we asked the collecting to community to help.  We found a nice refurbished computer to purchase, and asked for donations by way of a raffle.  

Soon after we announced it, fellow collector Peter from Canada asked to help, and generously told us about a collector in Sacramento whose wife was suffering from multiple sclerosis and was trying to raise funds for the local MS Walk.  Peter's suggestion was to donate any extra funds raised to their cause.  We thought that was a great idea.

That collector is Jeremy Bryson, and his inspiring wife is Amanda.  I have gotten to know Jeremy in the process and am truly inspired with what is a total family effort to help their very determined mother.  What a cool family.

The result of the raffle?  We were able to raise enough funds to get Doug his computer (and get it delivered to him in Brazil as well), and then essentially MATCH the same amount in the form of a donation to the MS Walk of Sacramento.  We doubled our goal!

Here is the MS Walk covered by the local Sacramento news station, where Amanda is featured prominently:

Yeah, we are all a bunch of nerdy minicar collectors, but we have formed a tight knit community.  Sure, we bicker with each other, and we gripe about the most trivial of details, but that is what makes us collectors.  It is part of the hobby.  But being collectors also means we know the true value of these little toy cars, and how much the joy of those toys mixed with a caring community can spread good all over.

Kudos, collectors...

Here comes the NSX: Hot Wheels 2015 Batch K artwork is out...

Hot Wheels has released the artwork for Batch K, and dare I say this should be a batch that quite a few of you (and us) will be clamoring to get.

Many are excited about the Mitsubishi Evo Super TH, and while the wheels and livery leave a bit to be desired, we are too.  The same goes for the Acura NSX.  We famously were underwhelmed by its design, but it looks like Lamley is way in the minority on this one.  Excitement for the NSX is sky-high, and this one should be very popular.  We didn't know when it would be released, but we are happy to see it is sooner rather than later.

We are also excited to see to the Chevy C10 returning to the mainline.  It was one of our favorite new models a couple of years ago, and we are happy to have it back.  We also are really looking forward to the 240Z recolor (best color yet?) and the white VW Caddy.

The surprising gem though could very well be the ZR1 Vette in Gulf livery.  If it looks anything like the '70 Chevelle from a couple of years ago, it is going to be fantastic.  Can't wait to see it in person.

Some other highlights:

Super TH:

Regular TH: